About Us

The Refugee Resource Centre was set up partly at the request of Christian groups working with refugees in Britain today, who pointed out a gap in bringing together all of the expertise and experience of those across the country involved in this vital work.

Initially a partnership between Jubilee+ and the Boaz Trust, it is now embedded within Jubilee+, since it shares a national remit. Our vision is to see churches increasingly playing a major role in welcoming, loving and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, both through practical action and as a voice for justice, so they can integrate, flourish and play a full part in society.

This website has been set up to facilitate churches and individual Christians (of all denominations) to work effectively towards that vision.

The Team

Dave Smith, founder of the Boaz Trust oversees our Refugee and Asylum Seeker networking team, and is responsible for bringing together the Refugee Network as well as sourcing content for this site.

Dave joined the steering group of Enabling Christians in Serving Refugees (ECSR), a small national charity, in 2007. It ran annual conferences and other meetings, and did exactly what its name said, with limited resources and one part-time employee. Shortly after changing its name to Equip and launching a new website in 2010, it unfortunately ran out of funding, and Equip was forced to close. This resulted in a gap in provision for Christians and churches wanting to get involved with asylum seekers and refugees.

In 2013 Dave met Martin Charlesworth, who was leading Jubilee+. This led to a growing partnership on refugee issues and culminated in setting up R2C2 as a joint venture with the Boaz Trust, centred on an interactive website that seeks to resource Christians and churches to reach out to and support asylum seekers and refugees in their churches and communities with the love and compassion of Christ. As the Boaz Trust has a regional rather than national remit, it made sense to eventually bring the website fully into the Jubilee+ portfolio.

Now wider than just a website, Jubilee+ is partnering with a growing number of churches and Christian organisations in a wide refugee and asylum seeker network, and also resourcing churches through conferences, events and online conferencing.


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