How Can You Help? Refugee Resettlement

Over the past 20 or so years there have been a number of UK resettlement schemes for refugees. Unlike those in the asylum system, refugees are taken direct from refugee camps near conflict zones. They are processed before they come to the UK, often with help from the UNHCR, and when they arrive they are given refugee status, accommodation, benefits and help to learn English and integrate into society.

The biggest schemes in the last few years have been the Syrian Vulnerable Persons Scheme, and now the schemes to resettle Afghans who were involved with British forces or contractors before the Taliban took over the country.

Though they are important ways to resettle vulnerable refugees, the application process is cumbersome and long-winded, and the reality is that the UK takes only a tiny proportion of those who need help though these schemes, most of which have now been closed to applicants.

The Quick Guide will keep you up to date with the current situation, including how churches are stepping up to offer sanctuary through the growing Community Sponsorship scheme.